Jane’s Kitchen

“I teach my students about agriculture, nutrition and cooking from a natural and organic perspective.

My goal is that students understand where and how their food is produced and learn to prepare it in a delicious and healthy way. Students come to understand their role in a complex system of food production and consumption. The relationship they develop with food is not only practical but nourishes their mind, body and soul.”

–Jane Marie Siemon

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Jane has a remarkable commitment to the environment and health; she has taught the 4-year course in Nutrition and Foods at the Youth Initiative High School for the last 15 years, and led nutrition courses for adults through WIC and Organic Valley. She has also coordinated several hands-on sustainable agriculture courses for YIHS. Jane and her husband were founding members of CROPP-Organic Valley.

Further reading…short articles by Jane:

Enzymes and Live Food: “Lengthen your life, improve the health of your intestinal flora, supply your body with enzymes from living foods.”

Enjoying the Abundance of Summer Vegetables: “It is a wonderful time of year when the garden overflows with vegetables.”

Capturing the Sun: “Eating a tomato is capturing a little of the sun.”

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Jane has a B. A. in Food Science and Nutrition and has graduated from the Foundation Course in Anthroposophy and the Arts in 2001.  As an organic farmer and high school teacher, Jane continues to study current nutritional advances.  She balances teaching with farming thus truly bringing the farm to the table.