The Whole Plate nutrition curriculum comes from the 4-year “Nutrition Main Lesson” taught by Jane Siemon at the Youth Initiative High School in Viroqua, WI. Yet, it’s been a collaborative process to turn the class into the curriculum it is today. Below are a few of the staff and students who’ve been a part of the creation process:

Jane Siemon – Faculty,  Organic Farmer
Jane has worked for over 14 years in developing a Whole Foods and Nutrition Curriculum.  She received a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition, is an organic producer for the CROPP-Organic Valley cooperative, and continues her education, currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition.

Eamon Heberlein–YIHS Alumnus

Eamon created the logo and has assisted on several graphic design elements of the curriculum. Eamon currently attends Deep Springs College in California. Eamon thinks that eating local foods and supporting local businesses is the way to go!

Dawn Hundt–YIHS Parent and Organic Farmer

Dawn has years of experience as a parent and farmer, growing, eating and feeding organic foods. She has had 4 children go through Jane’s Nutrition class and has spearheaded the effort to turn it into a curriculum. Dawn and her husband Vince run an organic farm and dairy and are the founders of Rotochopper, Inc.

Shawn Lavoie – Faculty, Development Coordinator, Youth Initiative High School
Shawn received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Chicago.  He has previously been involved in a number of community service and community organizing projects and was the Marketing Director for the Cameron Park Farmers’ Market in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  Shawn has taught a variety of subjects at the Youth Initiative High School for five years, and in the spring and summer grows an organic garden with his wife.

Matthew Voz – Faculty, Assistant Development Coordinator, Youth Initiative High School
Matthew has worked in the production and retail sale of organic foods for over five years.  He received his Master’s degree in Rural and Agricultural History from Iowa State University.  He has taught at both the secondary and post secondary level for over five years.