The Story of The Whole Plate: A Return to Real Food begins in Viroqua, WI at the Youth Initiative High School, which was founded in 1996 by a group of students, faculty and parents strongly connected to organic agriculture.  The founders had a vision of a rural school within which academic, practical and artistic activities would be integrated. The Whole Foods and Nutrition class, under the vision of teacher Jane Siemon, grew from the desire to teach food preparation, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture as one subject.

The Whole Plate is composed of 4 Units, which both stand alone and work in concert: What is food?, Nourishment for People and Planet, Why Organic?, and The Spice of Life. These Units have been tailored for young adults, but have also been successfully  used with full-blown adults.

In addition to the main Units, there are 2 mini-Units that address specific topics in nutrition: Wild Foods and Nutrition for Pregnancy.

This timely curriculum is perfect for:

  • Schools interested in deepening their nutrition program, exploring science and health of foods from a whole systems perspective, or bringing better foods into the classroom.
  • Coops and grocery stores who want to educate their customers through cooking and nutrition classes.
  • Entrepreneurial farmers and farm-educators who wish to offer on-farm cooking classes or inform consumers about how to prepare whole, local and organic foods.
  • Individuals who just want to learn more about nutrition and agricultural practices for themselves and their families.

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